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  • Artists at Tattoolicious


  • Artists at Tattoolicious


  • Artists at Tattoolicious


  • Artists at Tattoolicious


  • Artists at Tattoolicious


  • Artists at Tattoolicious


  • Artists at Tattoolicious

    Carlos Torres

  • Artists at Tattoolicious


  • Artists at Tattoolicious


Tattoolicious has gained notable attention as one of the top Hawaii tattoo shops since we opened our doors way back in 2000. Our shop features a clean, comfortable, and sterile environment, with professional artists and piercing specialists. Located just outside of Honolulu’s famous Waikiki Beach, Tattoolicious is the perfect shop for your next masterpiece. Our piercing specialists are available for walk-ins and feature the biggest selection of jewelery in Hawaii. From ear piercing to dermal piercing, we do it all. Questions? Give our shop a call at (808) 949-8287

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Do tattoo’s hurt?
Yes, there is always a level of pain when getting a tattoo, but our talented artist take great care to make sure you are relaxed, comfortable and confident. A skilled hand can make the experience much more enjoyable, and those are the hands we employ here at Tattoolicious.
How can I tell if a piercing is infected, or it’s just normal healing stuff?
All body piercings will have some drainage during the first several days. This is because you have basically given your body a puncture wound, and your body will bleed for a while, and then have drainage of some fluids as it heals. These fluids are actually good for you, as they keep the area moist and clean and will wash away some of the dirt and germs that might otherwise stay in the area.
Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, we require to pay an $80 deposit to hold your appointment time, and also allow our artists to begin your drawing (drawing is work!). If you cancel within 48 hours, you will not receive your deposit back.
I want to get a body piercing. How much will it cost?
The cost of a body piercing varies depending on several factors, including where you’re located, how close to a major city you are, and what kind of piercing you’re having done.
How do you heal a tattoo?
  1. Listen to your tattoo artist. If you’ve done your homework and chosen a good tattoo artist, he or she will provide detailed instructions and you should follow them carefully. Think of your tattoo as having a warranty; if you don’t follow the artist’s instructions, you might void the warranty and he or she won’t give you free touch-ups.

  2. Leave the bandage on. You should leave it on anywhere between two hours to 24 hours. Make sure a thick, absorbent, non-stick ABD wound dressing is used. Your tattoo artist will give you a time frame. Be patient. The bandage is there to protect your tattoo from airborne bacteria, which can penetrate through your broken skin.

  3. Soak the bandage with warm water when removing it. This is optional, but recommended if the bandage is stuck to your tattoo and offers resistance.

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  5. Continue washing and applying ointment or lotion as directed by your tattoo artist until the tattoo heals. The tattoo might look cloudy for a few days as it heals. This is called “onion skin.” You’ll know you have “onion skin” when the tattoo looks clearer when wet.

How long does it take a body piercing to heal?
The healing time for a body piercing varies depending upon what you’ve had pierced. Some parts of the body heal more quickly than others. For instance, if you pierce your earlobes, you can expect them to heal within two months, and be ready for new jewelry.
How much will my tattoo cost?
Tattoo prices can vary depending on the size, area placed, and complexity. For the most accurate pricing, come in for a consultation and let your artist give you a quote.
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