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Back piece Neo Traditional Tattoo Hawaii

Adriaan, celebrated in the tattoo world as Magic Dimensions, is a pioneering force in the Neo traditional tattoo movement across Europe. Renowned for his enchanting fusion of art nouveau's grace and the mystique of esoteric symbols, his artistry is a fixture at prominent conventions in London, Brighton, and numerous guest spots throughout the continent. Regularly practicing his craft in Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, Adriaan's distinct approach has solidified his reputation as a leading figure in the European Neo traditional tattoo scene.

In an exciting new chapter of his career, Adriaan has recently joined the team at Tattoolicious, bringing his unique blend of magic and tradition to an already esteemed group of artists. This collaboration promises to enrich Tattoolicious offerings with Adriaan's signature style that marries the allure of art nouveau with the depth of mystical symbolism. His presence heralds a fusion of artistic cultures and traditions, promising clients an even broader spectrum of extraordinary tattoo artistry.


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