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   David, originally from Southern California, discovered his passion for tattooing upon settling in Maui in 2007. Undergoing an apprenticeship in Lahaina, he quickly immersed himself in the island's vibrant culture, developing a keen expertise in various styles such as neo-traditional, black and grey, and dot work. With nearly two decades of experience, David has become a prominent figure in Polynesian and Pop culture tattooing, known for his intricate designs and attention to detail.

Following the Maui wildfires, David recently made the move to Oahu, where he reunited with the team at Tattoolicious, Waikiki. Despite relocating from Blue Hawaii Tattoo after the fire, his loyal customers from Maui can still find him at Tattoolicious, where his artistic journey continues to flourish as he blends tradition with innovation, leaving an indelible mark on his clients through his distinctive and captivating creations.


Flower fineline tattoo maui waikiki hawaii.jpg


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