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Chad Kiernan Tattoo Artist Hawaii Honolulu

Chad's journey to becoming a remarkable tattoo artist is truly inspiring. After spending years in the restaurant industry and pursuing college degrees, he felt a void until he discovered his ikigai in tattooing, allowing him to creatively express his passions and live a purposeful life.


Eventually, he followed his heart back to Hawaii after living on Oahu, where his love for anime and Japanese culture, as well as his exploration of tattoo lore, became the driving forces behind his specialization in Anime and Japanese art. To further enrich his artistry, Chad recently embraced oil painting, broadening his horizons and infusing his tattoo designs with fresh perspectives. With each needle stroke, he humbly embraces his ikigai, aspiring to make a lasting, positive impact on his clients' lives and the art of tattooing in his beloved Hawaiian home.

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